Welcome to Power of the Heart: Dementia Care Education and Behavior Coaching!

As many of you know, the term “dementia” means memory loss and confusion that interferes with normal daily functioning.  The term “dementia” is often viewed as an umbrella definition, with as many as 700 possible causes, many of which are irreversible.  To make matters even more interesting, many people experience more than one syndrome or disease, which contributes to their symptoms of dementia.

While a diagnosis and a basic understanding of the brain and the illnesses is important, and indeed fascinating, my life work is about meeting the person underneath the manifestations of the illness(es) that contribute to their dementia symptoms.  It is here that we can connect to build a life worth living.  By getting to know who a person is and what is important to them, we can truly partner with them to help them have a meaningful life, focusing on the value of each moment.

When I first started my career in 1978, a paradigm existed “the lights are on but nobody’s home.”  As I worked with people and built relationships, I quickly realized that somebody is in there.  I found great joy in these relationships.  I studied validation therapy and other approaches that confirmed what I knew from my own experiences.  I also received formal education focusing on both physiology and psychology.

The purpose of “Power of the Heart” is to share with others what I have learned and experienced during my 36 year career, in hopes of helping others increase the sense of meaning and value in the lives of their care-receivers, and in their own caregiving experiencesTwo services to accomplish this include dementia care education, and behavior coaching. Please read these pages to learn more.

I encourage you to contact me so I can help you decide how either or both of these services could help you meet the needs and goals of your family or organization, and of the person or people you care for.

Additionally, if you live in Southern Oregon, please contact me regarding upcoming support groups, workshops and seminars being offered in the area.

Marya Kain, MS, CMC
Power of the Heart: Dementia Care Education and Behavior Coaching