Power of the Heart Core Cirriculum

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Marya Kain, MS, CMC, has developed the Power of the Heart Curriculum through 40 years of hands-on experience as well as formal education.  Each class is broken into short, interactive segments designed specifically for today’s busy adult learner.  Marya can help you pick segments to design a class or an event, tailored to your target audience, whether it is employees, family members, community professionals or the general public.  You can count on Marya to share her knowledge and insights in a compassionate, inspiring manner.   Class time: 2 hours each.

Power of the Heart #1: Overview of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

This class covers the basics of Alzheimer’s Disease and other causes of dementia, while introducing the importance of partnering with the individual beneath the manifestations of the illness.  Irreversible and reversible causes of confusion and memory loss are explored using the umbrella illustration with a real umbrella and interactive exercises.  The progression of Alzheimer’s Disease is explored both by examining the changes in the brain, and by relating how some individuals experience the disease process.  Finally, some of the related research is shared, along with the concept of maintaining healthy brain function.

Power of the Heart #2: Positive Behavior Support

Behaviors are communication.  We don’t generally engage in risky behaviors when our needs are being met. This class is a comprehensive overview of some of the key aspects to behavior planning.  Because of the rich content, many of the topics can be taught with more detail in separate sessions, or the class can be lengthened to allow a deeper exploration of the topics.  This dynamic and engaging subject matter can have life-changing effects!

Power of the Heart #3: Meaningful Moments

Marya’s personal favorite, and the first class she ever created, this class takes us through an emotional journey that helps us understand that what we do truly makes a difference.  The power of relationship is explored in this hands-on workshop, as well as programming strategies that help us build on the reliable routines of the people we serve, to proactively reduce challenging behaviors.

Power of the Heart #4: Caring for the Caregiver

Caregiving requires giving of all levels of oneself, impossible to do when one is not energized and balanced.  This interactive class offers a framework for understanding and communicating some of the deeply emotional and personal aspects of this work, and helps to create an emotionally safe workplace.  Each participant will identify stress signals in their own life, and develop a customized self-care plan.

Enjoying Meaningful Strength-Based Interactions with People Experiencing Dementia

The terms “dementia” and “Alzheimer’s Disease” typically incite fearful thoughts of frailty, loss and diminishment. It is time for an educational course that teaches us how to identify and connect with people where they are strong! This fun and uplifting course offers 13 strengths, each with specific strategies we can employ to help people function in that strength. Improved relationships, enhanced life quality, reduction of challenging behaviors, and love and thriving result! Enjoy!  This class is also available online for 1 CEU.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review